Art of Meditation - Modern Science (8 hrs)

Calm, Focus, Logic

Since ancient times, great sages and yogis have developed different types of meditation which benefits mankind. These techniques are being researched, until today to show how modern science can help to understand how it works.  

In this course you will be introduced to the different types of yogic meditation and how it relates to modern science and quantum physics. Yogic scientist, Parikshiti Mhaispurkar aka Paresh will share stunning similarities between authentic yoga philosophy and scientific findings including consciousness concepts.

It is open to everyone who wish to understand how and why different meditation techniques work.


  • Introduction to Chakras:

         - Panch Tatwa - five principles of creation.

        - Pach Koshas - five domains.

        - Panch Pranas - five vital energies.

        - Panch Indrias - five sense organs.

        - Gunas - three virtues associated with creation.

  • Daily life experiences and effects of chakras on your thinking and behaviour.
  • Theory, facts and practice on different types of meditation.
  • Scientific revelations on the stages before and during Samadhi - enlightenment.
  • Swara yoga and Chakra meditation practice. 
  • Findings of scientist on quantum consciousness, healing and DNA.
  • Sharing with others how meditation helps in a scientific way.
  • Helps to understand information processing and decision making.
  • Improves focus, attention and ability to work under stress.
  • Regulate mood and anxiety disorders. 
  • Better manage blood pressure, heart rate and respiratory rate.
  • Enhance personal and social relationships. 
  • Parikshiti Mhaispurkar aka Paresh is one of the most promising and qualified yogic scientists of his time. He is a Yogapoint teacher and taught at the School of Physics, University of Melbourne. 
  • Review:
        From Robyn Brown, PhD, Department of Neurosciences Medical University of South
        “I have found his different types of meditation techniques very useful in handling my stress     levels. When I left the sessions, I felt mentally refreshed and had a sense of mental
        lightness that I didn’t have before”
  • Our mentor and founder of Yogapoint India (Yoga Vidya Gurukul),  Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik was awarded by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India,  the ‘Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development for Yoga’ in 2018. 
  • Yoga Vidya Gurukul is affiliated to YCMOU, a Government of India University, to run courses.
  • Recognized as a Yoga and Yoga Therapy research organization by University of Pune, a government university.
  • Yogapoint Singapore has signed a memorandum of understanding and cooperation with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India in 2018.
  • Yogapoint Singapore is located at Downtown and is easily accessible via a network of trains and buses.
  • Time to attend 8 hours at night or daytime.
  • Fee $60, an introductory offer.




  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, 13, 14, 15 May 2019.
    Time: 7:00 pm - 9:30 pm.
  • Thursday, Friday, 16, 17 May 2019.
    Time: 10:30 am - 4:00 pm (Lunchtime 12:30 - 2:00 pm)
  • Google Map: Yogapoint Singapore
  • Address:
    - Yogapoint
    3rd floor, 31B Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 088998.
  • Exact location:
    - Behind bus stop and in front of Kreta Ayer Community Center
  • Transport:
    - MRT 5 mins walk from Outram MRT station (Exit H Dorset Hotel) or 6 mins walk from Chinatown MRT
    - Buses 80, 145 stops right in front of our studio.  
    - Car park is available at Kreta Ayer Community Center.