Yoga for Personal Wellness Course (125hrs) (formerly named Yoga for Self-Healing)


Formerly named 'Yoga for Self-Healing', this is a course that teaches wellness in a holistic way, working on the mind and body without the use of medicine

We practice an authentic form of Indian Traditional Yoga Therapy focusing on lifestyle changes with emphasis on Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Traditional Chinese Medicine, Asanas and Pranayama for various medical conditions.

Acupressure techniques including meridian points for diseases, aches and pain, is a newly added topic

Our program is suitable for all who are interested to learn how to manage health and relieve pain from a Yogic/Ayurveda/TCM/Modern Science perspective. This program is not an alternative solution for your health issue but is meant to complement conventional treatment.

The difference between Yoga Wellness Course and Yoga Personal Wellness Course is that the former prepares the practitioner to conduct yoga wellness sessions for clients. Whereas the Personal Wellness Course allows you obtain a deeper understanding of a specific medical condition that may be of concern to you or your loved ones. 

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Teachers: Guruji Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik/Gandhar Mandlik, Dr Prafulla Dorle, Kate Woodworth, John Peh, Dr Robin Chan, Dr Clement Ng, Kae Watcharin

  • Core subjects is the foundation for understanding the body and mind with practicals. 

    - Yoga Therapy Approach
    Understanding the efficacy, limitation and prescription based on the different stages of illness.

    - Anatomy & Physiology with Meridian & Asanas
    Knowledge of the functioning of the various organs and systems including the meridians which are affected by yoga practices. It affects our physical movements (asanas), emotional states and taste of  food. Practicals are included.

    - Ayurveda & Household Therapy
    Introduction & Practicum to Ayurveda which is a science of life practices by indian traditional science of lifestyle with understanding on personality analysis, detoxification & diet.

    - Acupressure
    Based on the traditional chinese meridians it is the basis of how the nadis or channels of energy flows. It builds up the foundation followed by acupressure on common ailments. 

    - Cleansing the body 
    Based on ancient text of cleansing the body that works on the various systems in the body

    - Ethical guide to living
    A guideline (internal yoga) that helps the body and mind to live as one. 
  • Understanding chronic medical conditions and the causes: (Choose any 3 electives) It comes with demostration of the practice. Lifestye topics are also available

    Disease Topics:
    Digestive Disorder
    Gynaecological disorder
    Heart issue
    Infertility issue
    Psychological Issue
    Stress & Hypertension
    Thyroid Imbalance

    Lifestyle topics:
    Kundalini Yoga
    Concept of Happiness & Meditation
    Yoga & Shoulder/Neck Pain
    Yoga & Backache

  • Learning Essentials
    - Internship Opportunity
    - Option for short-term attachment to our India Therapy Center

  • Help yourself or loved ones a program that complements conventional healing
  •  Lifetime membership
  •  Conducted in a Small Class Size
  •  Supported by a Close-Knit Family Environment
  •  Useful practice in an ageing population
  •  Bringing you a Time-Honoured Tradition & An Opportunity to Experience the Ashram Life
  • More than 21,500 patients have been effectively treated with issues such as Obesity, Knee Pain, Acidity, Neck & Waist spondylosis, Sciatica, Diabetes, Ulcer, High Blood Pressure, Slip disc, Asthma, M.C. Problem, Heart Diseases, Backache, Headache, Mental Disorder, Digestion Problems in our therapy centres in India
  • Supported by Yoga Vidya Gurukul with 40 years of experience, our school has 2 therapy hospitals and 12 outpatient clinics operational for the past 28 years. 
  • Participants who successfully complete this course will earn credits for future Yoga Teachers Training/Yoga Wellness course, leading to certification
  • Spend 125 hours attending classes, doing assignments, practicals, online lectures, asanas etc
  • S$ 1900 (include meals) 
  • Completion of modules will earn credits for future courses
  • Instalment plans can be arranged
  • Up to 5-days evaluation period
  • Starting 21st April (Weekend) and 23rd April (Weekday) until 22st July 2018 
  • Weekend and weekday classes are running concurrently and participants are allowed to swap for weekend/weekdays
  • Free asana class for the duration of the course

  • Yogapoint, 3rd floor, 31B Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 088998. (infront of Kreta Ayer Community Center, directly behind bus stop) 5 mins walk from Outram MRT station (Exit H) or 6 mins walk from Chinatown MRT station.  Buses 80, 145 stops right in front of our studio.  Car park is available at Kreta Ayer Community Center.  
  • Email:, WhatsApp John 97844058