We are grateful to have Mr Micha Chan, Yoga Teacher from Yogapoint HK to share with us a special class on Prana Kriya Yoga on the 1st of Oct

By bringing Pranayama and Asana into the practice, it helps to cultivate inner and outer strength and fluidity whilst becoming calm, relaxed and focused, making it a great way to take time out from the pressures of a stressful life.

It was a refreshing experience for all of us as we worked on the Surya Namaskar series, followed by Pranayama and then stronger core and balancing asanas.

Thank you, Micha. We hope to see you again at YP Singapore.

For 3 days, hardworking participants came to learn and practice various breathing techniques from Guruji Dr Vishwas Mandlik. It is great to see them so keen to learn. And they left with not only new knowledge, a copy of Yoga Sopan (authored by Guruji) but also a personal diagnosis of their medical condition. 

We will most definitely, be arranging for more of these workshops in future.