Yoga Sopan Course - Introductory (5 hours)

For Self Healing



This is an introductory course for those who want to help themselves. It helps to overcome body pain by learning relaxation techniques which leads to a change in lifestyle.

Yoga Sopan helps to balance the vital energies, qi or prana in the body. It can help to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain among many other issues. You may also find temporary relief from different forms of therapy however, the challenge is to sustain the situation. Yoga Sopan is a maintenance program to keep you going for the long term. This is possible with awareness, movements, breathing techniques and relaxation. In short, is a lifestyle change.

This short course is suitable for everyone suffering from pain due to many reasons, regardless of age. For those who intend to teach Yoga or helping someone close to you, this is a must-learn subject and it is the first subject for Yogapoint teachers to learn.  


  1. Introduction.
  2. No alternative to physical exercise. 
  3. Attention.
  4. Body movements of arms, legs and knees.
  5. Postures in supine position.
  6. Postures in prone position.
  7. Postures in sitting position. 
  8. Movements of neck.
  9. Movements of shoulder.
  10. Movements of the back.
  11. Introduction to breathing (Pranayama). 
  12. Om - The divine blessing.
  13. Yoga Sopan for backache relief.
  14. Yognidra: The technique of absolute relaxation.
  15. To felicity through follow up.
  • A short, concise program to learn requirements for daily practice.
  • Movements to relieve neck, shoulder and back pain.
  • Feeling of wellness at the end of the practice.
  • Introduction to a happy and peaceful lifestyle.
  • Relaxation techniques for body and mind.
  • Relaxation from Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra).
  • Understand Yoga discipline.
  • Preparation for Yoga Pravesh Course. (Foundation)
  • Soft copy of the Yoga Sopan book is included. 
  • Upgrade your learning to Yoga for Neck, Shoulder, Back and Knee Certificate.



  • Yogapoint India:

    - Mentor Hon Guruji Dr Vishwas Mandlik was recognised by the Prime Minister of India for his Outstanding Contribution, Promotion and Development of Yoga. He is also the President of Yoga Association in Maharashtra, India. 

    - Yogapoint Singapore is affliated to Yoga Vidya Gurukul and conducts Yoga Health and Wellness Training aka Yoga Therapy Course for teachers.
  • Yogapoint Singapore:

    - Currently an exclusive introductory course with explanation on energy related to the movements and organs.

    - Affiliated to Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Yogapoint India) which is a non-profit organization since 1978. They are a commercial company having the values of a non profit organisation.

    - Signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India.

  • 5 hours at the studio.
  • $150.





Day time

20, 27 December 2020


1:30pm - 4:00pm

31B Kreta Ayer Rd (3rd Floor)

Singapore 088998




By Bus:

Car Park:

Outram Park MRT (Exit H)

Chinatown MRT (Exit A)

80, 145 (Opp BLK 333)

Kreta Ayer Community Centre

Oriental Plaza