Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

You should understand your body condition and inform the teacher ahead of any physical disabilities/ injuries/ medical condition so that necessary precaution can be observed.

Although Yoga in general has been known as a means to prevent diseases with regular practice, it does not substitute medical treatment. Your health should be under the responsibility of your medical doctor and we do not intend to provide as an alternative source of healing. Our services aim to help you find relieve from the symptom and our approach is merely intended to be complimentary to your existing treatment, if any.

You will not hold the provider nor this establishment liable for any injuries, accidents, illnesses, physical disabilities or death arising or resulting from the participation of our services. You further agree to keep the provider/establishment for this services indemnified against all claims, suits, proceedings and expenses whatsoever relating hereto.

Following the Personal Data Protection Act (PDPA) Singapore, the use of data collected is for business management only and will not be disclosed to any other party.

I agree with the above terms and my declaration with my personal details are true and accurate.