Yoga Pravesh Course - Foundation (10 hours)


This course increases vital energy and improves fitness levels by building inner peace and spirtual progress.

The independent student who has mastered the theoretical and practical may embark on daily self-practice, containing asanas (posture), pranayama (control of breath), prayer and meditation. Reference lesson plans are available to structure individual programs. 

This course is open to everyone providing a basis for Yoga Teachers Training Course, Children Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Wellness Course. This course is progressive after Yoga Sopan and before Yoga Parichay.


  1. Science of Yoga
  2. Preparation for Yoga
  3. Diet
  4. Self Study
  5. Preparatory Movements- Type 1-12
  6. Sun Salutation
  7. Yogic Postures
    - Supine X 8
    - Prone X 5
    - Sitting X 23
    - Standing X 3
  8. Preparation for Pranayama
  9. Prayer and Meditation



  • Healthy body and mind.
  • Build inner peace and develop spiritual progress.
  • Structured course with e-book.
  • Preparation for future courses such as Yoga Teacher Training,  Children Yoga Teacher Training and Yoga Wellness Course.
  • Inculcate daily self practice.
  • Yogapoint India:

    - Yoga Pravesh was developed by Mentor Hon Guruji Dr Vishwas Mandlik who was recognised by the Prime Minister of India for his Outstanding Contribution, Promotion and Development of Yoga. He is also the President of Yoga Association in Maharashtra, India. 

    - Yoga Pravesh is part of a diploma program.
  • Yogapoint Singapore:

    - Affiliated to Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Yogapoint India) which is a non-profit organization since 1978. 

    - Yoga Pravesh is an exclusive foundation course designed for those who are looking beyond an asana practice. 

    - Signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India.

    - A commercial company having the values of a non profit organisation. 
  • 10 hours.
  • $200.


  • 10:30am - 4:30pm
  • 2 days course schedule
    - Friday, 6th and 13th December 2019 (intake 9) - closed
    - Sunday, 8th and 15th December 2019. (intake 10)



  • Yogapoint, 3rd floor, 31B Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 088998.
  • In front of Kreta Ayer Community Center.
  • Five minutes walk from Outram MRT station Exit H Dorsett Hotel or six minutes walk from Chinatown MRT station.
  • Buses 80, 145 stop right in front of the studio.
  • Car park is available at Kreta Ayer Community Centre. On Sunday per entry parking at Maxwell House with per Entry from 5 pm at Oriental Plaza.