Ashtanga Primary Series (1.5 hour)

Looking to challenge yourself? Look no further!


Ashtanga Yoga (Primary Series) is a type of yoga that involves synchronizing the breath with sequential, and progressive movements to create a continuous flow. It is based on classical Ashtanga sequences combined with Ujjayi breathing, Bandhas (energetic locks), and Drishti (focused gaze). This weaves one's practice into a structured combination of strength and flexibility.

Physically and mentally demanding, it requires mindful awareness of the breath and a strong focus on the execution and holding of the poses. With this dynamic flow, internal heat is generated which aids blood circulation and overall detoxification of the body. Over time, through consistent practice of Ashtanga Yoga, one is able to build up strength, flexibility, discipline, focus, and endurance.

The primary series will be broken down into different parts and taught sequentially. This practice is ideal for regular practitioners and teachers who are looking to develop greater strength and agility following the traditional Ashtanga sequence.

This course is conducted by Sonia Yee, a senior Yogapoint Teacher, and an experienced Ashtanga Teacher for the past 7 years.

  • Sun Salutation A & B
  • Pranayama
  • Series of Yoga Poses
    • Sitting and standing 
    • Forward and backward bending
    • Spinal twisting
    • Hip openers
    • Inversion
  • Greater strength and flexibility
  • Discipline and build mental resilience
  • Better endurance
  • Increase stamina and vitality
  • Better blood circulation
  • Detoxification of the body
  • Provides a good basis for self-practice

  • Our teachers are volunteers who are passionate about their cause of bringing yoga to the masses.

  • A family-oriented studio with the values of a non-profit organization, Yogapoint India.

  • Focused on traditional yoga while appreciating the non-harming way of learning something profound.

  • Yogapoint is recognised as the 'Leading Yoga Institution' by the Ministry of Ayush, India; the first and only in Singapore.

  • Signed a memorandum of Understanding & Cooperation with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences.
  • A non-profit organization founded in 1978.

  • Led by Hon Guruji Dr. Vishwas Mandlik, President of the Yoga Association in Maharashtra.

  • A reputable and internationally recognized diploma program with more than 18,000 graduates worldwide over 40 years.


  • Fee: $25 per lesson (or payment in advance)

Payment Options

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