Yoga Therapeutics for Neck, Shoulder, Back and Knees (10 hours)

Skill set for Yoga Therapist and Yoga Teachers


Do you know why the body is suffering pain especially neck, shoulder, back and knees?
Is the pain the cause or the effect of something else?
Why does the pain persists for so long and is there anything to help the body to heal faster?
How can you locate the source of the problem, manage and maintain the body?

If you are interested to find the answer to the above, this course is for you.  It attempts to listen to what the body is telling and giving what the body needs. The more accurate the diagnosis the faster is the result regardless of what healing methods are used. This course focuses on the preventive part of the problem or on the onset of a potential problem through the understanding of pranic energy. The different subjects learned previously are put together into a routine with the attempt to work on the root of the problem.

The outcome of this course is to enable the student to have a holistic view of an issue and execute hands-on routine and create a suitable lesson plan for the client. The prerequisite for this course is that the student has successfully completed all the other 5 modules. There is an assessment at the end of the course with the potential to work on clients.

  • This course embraces the previous courses:
    - Yoga Trigger Point 1.
    - Yoga Trigger Point 2.
    - Assisted Yoga Stretch.
    - Yin Yang Yoga.
    As such, this is the prerequisite for taking this course. 
  • Understanding how the pranic energy works as a whole related to the organs.
  • Revised Yoga Sopan and Yin Yang Yoga asanas
  • A hands-on technique and routine to quickly find relief from bodily pain. 
  • Make a program to sustain the self-healing effects of the body.
  • Assessment. 
  • Hands-on program after the course.
  • Learn how to identify areas of tension and various ways to unblock the pain related to the organs
  • Find relieve from pain by understanding various traditional energy concepts. 
  • Improve posture,  movements, flexibility and coordination.
  • Self-help techniques using balls to tackle specific issues. 
  • Increase vitality and energy by assisted stretching in combination with trigger points.
  • Guidance on handling different issues after the course is completed. 
  • This course is unique because it is one of its kind working on pranic energy.  
  • Yogapoint India:

    - Mentor Hon Guruji Dr Vishwas Mandlik was recognised by the Prime Minister of India for his Outstanding Contribution,  Promotion and Development of Yoga. He is also the President of Yoga Association in Maharashtra, India. 

    - Yogapoint Singapore is affiliated to Yoga Vidya Gurukul and conducts Yoga Health and Wellness Training aka Yoga Therapy Course for teachers.
  • Yogapoint Singapore:

    - Currently an exclusive course for Yogapoint Singapore.

    - Affiliated to Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Yogapoint India) which is a non-profit organization since 1978. They are a commercial company having the values of a non-profit organisation.

    - Signed a Memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India.

    - John Peh, graduated as a Yoga Therapist from Yogapoint India and was guided by Guruji, Dr Vishwas Mandlik. He has keen interest on the different forms of therapy such as Chinese Meridian, Indian Marma Points, Thai Therapeutics,  Hand and Foot Reflexology, Lymphatic flow, Indian Head Massage and Traditional Massage. He is the principal teacher for Yoga Teacher Training in Singapore. 

  • Total 10 hours at the studio
  • $300.






Day time

14, 21, 28 August & 4 September 2021


10:15pm -12:45pm

31B Kreta Ayer Rd (3rd Floor)

Singapore 088998




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