Yoga Health and Wellness Course (250 hours) aka Yoga Therapy


A diploma course recognised by the Government of India and affliated with Yogapoint India. 

  • This course is known as Yoga Therapy in India is conducted in English with Mandarin translation.
  • Learn health and wellness without the use of medicine.
  • Practice an authentic form of Indian Traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Asanas and Pranayama.
  • Yoga trigger point from indian, chinese and thai origins.
  • Suitable for yoga teachers and advanced yoga practitioners.  
  • Understand chronic diseases:
    - Arthritis.
    - Asthma.
    - Cancer,
    - Diabetes.
    - Digestive disorders.
    - Gynaecological disorders.
    - Heart issue
  • Lifestyle health condition
    - Back pain
    - Neck/shoulder pain
    - Knee pain
    - Obesity
    - Pre/post natal conditions.


  • Teachers: 
    Guruji Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik, Gandhar Mandlik, Dr Prafulla Dorle, Kate Woodworth, Dr Robin, Kae Watcharin, John Peh.
  • Understanding chronic diseases and the causes:

    Digestive disorder.
    Gynaecological disorder.
    Heart issue.
    Psychological issue.
    Stress and hypertension.
    Thyroid imbalance.
    Back pain.
    Neck and shoulder pain.
    Knee pain.

  • Apply relevant Yogic practice safely.
  • Yoga Therapy theory and practice.

  • Yoga technique training and practice.  
  • Anatomy and physiology with meridians
  • Ayurveda lifestyle, Naturopathy and practicum.

  • Case study and planning.

  • Examination on theory assignments, essay and practicals. 

For detail description please contact John 97844058.

  •  Bringing you a time-honoured tradition and to experience the ashram life.
  •  Complementray health and wellness approach to conventional healing without the use of medicine.
  •  Lifetime membership.
  •  Conducted in a small class size.
  •  Supported by a close-knit family environment.
  •  Useful practice in an aging population.
  • Our mentor and founder of Yogapoint India (Yoga Vidya Gurukul),  Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik was awarded by Narendra Modi, the Prime Minister of India,  the ‘Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development for Yoga’ in 2018. He is also the President of Yoga Association India (Maharashtra)


  • More than 22,000 patients have been effectively being treated with issues such as Obesity, Knee Pain, Acidity, Neck & Waist spondylosis, Sciatica, Diabetes, Ulcer, High Blood Pressure, Slip disc, Asthma, M.C. Problem, Heart Diseases, Backache, Headache, Mental Disorder, Digestion Problems at our therapy centers in India. In Singapore, we are conducting personal wellness session since opened.
  • Supported by Yoga Vidya Gurukul with 40 years of experience, our school has 2 therapy hospitals and 12 outpatient clinics operational for the past 28 years in India. 
  • Diploma is recognized by the Government of India and certification qualifies successful students to offer yoga wellness sessions in any part of the world.
  • In Singapore the course is renamed as Yoga Health and Wellness Course with additional modalities. 
  • Experience life at the Ashram, learn all you can and get to meet like minded people from all over the world. 
  • Make your booking early:
    - before 10th March 2020 - $3600. 
    - between 11th March to 10th May 2020 - $3800.
    - between 11th May to 11th June 2020 - $4000.
  • Included are resource materials, vegetarian food in India, lodging in Singapore, India and transport to/from Mumbai airport - Yogapoint India. 
  • Excluded are food in Singapore, flight tickets and transport to/from Singapore airport
  • Total of 1 month duration in India and Singapore with 250 hours of studies, assignments and practicum. 
  • For special request you may WhatsApp John 97844058 or write to


  • 1 month duration covering courses at Yogapoint Singapore and Singapore and Yogapoint India.
  • Schedule:
    - Yogapoint Singapore 11th - 19th June 2020, accomodation provided.
    - Yogapoint India 20th June - 11th July 2020, accomodation and food provided.
  • 1 day break in Singapore and 2 days break in India. 
  • Google Map: Yogapoint Singapore
    - Yogapoint, 3rd floor, 31B Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 088998. (in front of Kreta Ayer Community Center, directly behind bus stop) 5 mins walk from Outram MRT station (Exit H Dorsett Hotel) or 6 mins walk from Chinatown MRT station.
    - Buses 80, 145 stops right in front of our studio.  
    - Car park is available at Kreta Ayer Community Center.  
  • Google Map: Yogapoint India 
    - Talwade Trimbak, Maharashtra 322212, Mumbai, India
    - Transport pickup from airport.