Yoga Sopan Course - Introductory (5 hours)

For Self-Healing



"Yoga is only for flexible people." "I can't do Yoga, I am so inflexible!" "I can never contort my body into a pretzel." "I might break my back!"

Perhaps, you are afraid of Yoga and what it may entail. Don't worry - together, we will overcome these misconceptions through this introductory course. 

You will learn that Yoga comprises more than just physical practice. There are various different aspects in Yoga, such as Pranayama (Yogic breathing techniques) and Yoga Nidra (Yogic Sleep). Developed by Dr Guruji Vishwas Mandlik, this course will be based on the Chinese Meridian. In this course, you will learn gentle movements to improve lifestyle, destress, and overcome pain in the  body. You will also be taught how to start a sustainable self-practice. When done mindfully, these movements help to relieve tension in our bodies, especially neck, shoulder, and back pain, balancing our vital energies and prana (qi) in the body.  These body movements can then help to remobilise our muscles and slow down or reverse the development of 'disuse atrophy'. 

We may find relief from tension or pain through different forms of therapy. However, the biggest challenge is consistency. Yoga Sopan, as the first stepping stone, introduces you to an easeful practice that is simple to learn which can easily be incorporated into your daily life. Whether you are completely new to Yoga, experiencing pain or discomfort, learning with the intention to teach or help someone around you. This course is suitable for anyone of all ages, including doing who are doing therapy.


Yoga Sopan is the first of the three in the following series: Yoga Sopan (Introduction) → Yoga Pravesh (Foundation) → Yoga Parichay (Intermediate)

  1. Introduction to gentle practice and breathing techniques (Pranayama)
  2. As an alternative to physical exercise
  3. Bring awareness to your body
  4. Postures in supine, prone, and seated positions
  5. Movements of neck, shoulders, arms, back, knees, and legs
  6. Meaning of Om - The divine blessing
  7. Yoga Sopan for backache relief
  8. Yoga Nidra: The technique of absolute relaxation
  9. "Felicity Through The Follow-Up"

This course is a prerequisite to our 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Course.

  • A short, concise program to learn requirements for daily practice
  • Relieving neck, shoulders and back pain
  • Feeling of wellness at the end of the practice
  • Introduction to a happy and peaceful lifestyle
  • Relaxation techniques for body and mind
  • Relaxation from Yogic Sleep (Yoga Nidra)
  • Understand Yoga discipline
  • Preparation for Yoga Pravesh Course (Foundation)
  • Understand the basics of Yoga for Neck, Shoulder, Back and Knees

Yogapoint Singapore

- The first and only 'Leading Yoga Institution' in Singapore accredited to Yoga Certification Board (YCB) by the Indian Government.

- Commercial company with the values of a non-profit organization. 

- Supported by renowned teachers from India (Dr Vishwas Mandlik, Gandhar Mandlik, Dr. Dorle) and Singapore (John Peh). 

- Signed a memorandum of Understanding and Cooperation with Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, India.

- Affiliated to Yoga Vidya Gurukul (Yogapoint India), a non-profit organization founded in 1978. 


Yogapoint India

- Led by Hon Guruji Dr Vishwas Mandlik, President of the Yoga Association in Maharashtra, a respected mentor recognized by the PM of India for his outstanding contributions in the development of Yoga. 

-  A reputable and internationally recognized diploma program with more than 18,000 graduates worldwide over 40 years.

  • 5 hours at the studio.
  • $125 - members (classes/courses/therapy)
  • $150 - public






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21, 28 October 4, 11 November


6:15pm - 7:30pm

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