Yoga Health and Wellness Course (250hrs)


A diploma course recognised by the Government of India and affliated with Yogapoint India. 

  • Known as Yoga Therapy in India.
  • Learn health and wellness without the use of medicine.
  • Practice an authentic form of Indian Traditional Yoga, Ayurveda, Naturopathy, Asanas and Pranayama.
  • Yoga trigger point from indian, chinese and thai origins.
  • Suitable for yoga teachers and advanced yoga practitioners.  
  • Classes are conducted on weekends and weekdays.
  • Understand chronic diseases:
    - Arthritis.
    - Asthma.
    - Cancer,
    - Diabetes.
    - Digestive disorders.
    - Gynaecological disorders.
    - Heart issue
  • Lifestyle health condition
    - Back pain
    - Neck/Shoulder pain
    - Obesity
    - Pre/post natal conditions.
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Teacher: Guruji Yogacharya Dr Vishwas Mandlik/Gandhar Mandlik, Dr Prafulla Dorle, Kate Woodworth, Dr Robin Chan, Dr Clement Ng, Kae, John Peh

  • Understanding chronic diseases and the causes:

    Digestive Disorder
    Gynaecological disorder
    Heart issue
    Infertility issue
    Psychological Issue
    Stress & Hypertension
    Thyroid Imbalance

  • Apply relevant Yogic Practice.
  • Customised program that complements their conventional treatment.

  • Yoga Technique Training and Practice.  
  • Anatomy & Physiology with Meridians
  • Introduction and Practicum to Ayurveda.

  • Learn about lesson plan and treatment, effective coaching and short term attachement to India Therapy Center. 
  • Examination on theory assignments, essay and practicals. 

  •  Complementray Wellness Approach to Conventional Healing
  •  Lifetime membership
  •  Conducted in a Small Class Size
  •  Supported by a Close-Knit Family Environment
  •  Useful practice in an aging population
  •  Bringing you a Time-Honoured Tradition & An Opportunity to Experience the Ashram Life

  • More than 21,500 patients have been effectively treated with issues such as Obesity, Knee Pain, Acidity, Neck & Waist spondylosis, Sciatica, Diabetes, Ulcer, High Blood Pressure, Slip disc, Asthma, M.C. Problem, Heart Diseases, Backache, Headache, Mental Disorder, Digestion Problems in our therapy centers in India
  • Supported by Yoga Vidya Gurukul with 40 years of experience, our school has 2 therapy hospitals and 12 outpatient clinics operational for the past 28 years. 
  • Recognized by the Government of Maharashtra, India, certification qualifies successful students to offer yoga wellness sessions in any part of the world.
  • In Singapore the course is renamed as Yoga Wellness Course with additional of Yoga Massage, TCM and Ayurvedic modalities.


  • Spend 250 hours attending classes, doing assignments, practicals 
  • S$ 3,600 
  • Yogapoint members enjoy 5% discount
  • Early bird (1 month before) enjoy another 5% discount
  • Credits earned by YP Teachers can be used to offset selected subjects
  • Meals (top up $200)
  • Instalment plans can be arranged
  • Up to 5-days evaluation period
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  • Starting 21st April (Weekend) and 23rd April (Weekday) until 22st July 2018 
  • Weekend and weekday classes are running concurrently and participants are allowed to swap for weekend/weekdays
  • Free asana class for the duration of the course

Weekday Schedule

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  • Yogapoint, 3rd floor, 31B Kreta Ayer Rd, Singapore 088998. (in front of Kreta Ayer Community Center, directly behind bus stop) 5 mins walk from Outram MRT station (Exit H Dorsett Hotel) or 6 mins walk from Chinatown MRT station. Buses 80, 145 stops right in front of our studio.  Car park is available at Kreta Ayer Community Center.  
  • Email:, WhatsApp John 97844058 or Call 83995986
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