India Prime Minister's Award for Outstanding Contribution for Promotion and Development of Yoga - 2018 goes to our founder and Hon. Dr Vishwas Mandlik from Yoga Vidya Gurukul. 

Yogapoint Singapore is the first and only  ‘Leading Yoga Institution’ in Singapore accredited to Yoga Certification Board (YCB) from the Indian Government and linked to the parent, Yoga Vidya Gurukul. (Yogapoint India).

This means that courses such as Yoga Teacher Training, Yoga Health and Wellness and many others are recognized worldwide as the 'Leading Yoga Institution' coming from the land of Yoga.  

If you are intending to start your own teacher training or already teaching a course, Yogapoint Singapore is open to offer assistance.
If you are new to Yoga, no worries, you may check out the courses or just take a short course.
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Bringing back traditions of Chinese Meridian, Ayurveda Marma Points, Ayurveda Thai with weekend and weekday classes.

trigger point weekday


trigger point weekday





It's our first anniversary!

Our teachers Gandharji and John Peh would like to thank all our supporters, friends, volunteers and teachers from India for their help and goodwill to make our first year, a SUCCESS!

Our first year has been an exciting one. We successfully conducted 3 intakes of Teachers Training, held many workshops and made many new friends. It has been a blast.

We look forward to many more sharing and learning opportunities with all of you. Look out for our updates. 

Hari Om.



Our TTC 3 intake students are an energetic and enthusiastic bunch. Some are bankers, personal trainers and medical professionals. Regardless of their profession, they bonded and trained hard. But played super hard too! Of course, this is with the guidance of our passionate teachers and nourishment from our very own Masterchef Kathy.

Yoga Anatomy & Physiology Introducing TCM Meridians Workshop (20 hrs)

Dr Prafulla Dorle, Dr Clement Ng, John Peh
(23rd -26th Nov 2017)

Yogapoint Singapore 
(7.30pm-9.30pm on Thurs/Fri & 1pm-8pm on Sat/Sun)

A modern science subject such as Yoga Anatomy & Physiology do NOT cover the Meridian, for many reasons.  In Eastern discipline and concept,  Yoga/Ayurveda has its parallels with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). The yoga concept of 'prana' and 'nadis' are similar to TCM's 'qi' and 'meridian'. Drawing upon the uniqueness of both disciplines, we can apply these principles to reach a deeper level in our yoga practice. 

While Yoga Anatomy & Physiology is a popular subject included in the many courses in Yogapoint India, this workshop is a first of its kind at Yogapoint to introduce the Physiology of Meridian. This lecture is delivered by two doctor experts in their respective fields, Dr Dorle and Dr Clement Ng.  Practicals will be conducted by John Peh. Together this forms a foundation to a better understanding of how prana can affect the body systems and organs and thereby affecting our health and emotions. A continuous and balanced Prana or life force is an important element in achieving good health and happiness. 

This workshop is suitable for anyone interested in going deeper into understanding the meridian theory and the various systems benefiting the organs in the body. 

For those taking up future courses will have their hours credited into their courses including Teachers Training (not covering meridians)

About the lecturer:

Dr Dorle is well known, fluent and lead teacher on this subject in Yogapoint India.  He is our resident homoeopathic doctor and shares his in-depth knowledge of Anatomy and Physiology in relation to Yoga perspectives. 

Dr Clement Ng is a TCM practitioner and council member of Singapore Chinese Physicians' Association, Singapore Acupuncture Association. He was a VP at Singapore College of TCM and share his vast experience in Meridian Theory and Physiology of Meridian. 

John Peh is our Senior resident teacher in Yogapoint Singapore. He is the lead teacher for Teachers Training Course and conducts the practicals incorporating meridians affecting the organs in the body.




We are grateful to have Mr Micha Chan, Yoga Teacher from Yogapoint HK to share with us a special class on Prana Kriya Yoga on the 1st of Oct

By bringing Pranayama and Asana into the practice, it helps to cultivate inner and outer strength and fluidity whilst becoming calm, relaxed and focused, making it a great way to take time out from the pressures of a stressful life.

It was a refreshing experience for all of us as we worked on the Surya Namaskar series, followed by Pranayama and then stronger core and balancing asanas.

Thank you, Micha. We hope to see you again at YP Singapore.

For 3 days, hardworking participants came to learn and practice various breathing techniques from Guruji Dr Vishwas Mandlik. It is great to see them so keen to learn. And they left with not only new knowledge, a copy of Yoga Sopan (authored by Guruji) but also a personal diagnosis of their medical condition. 

We will most definitely, be arranging for more of these workshops in future.  

Our Anatomy & Physiology(Injury Prevention) Workshop with Dr. Dorle from the 11th to 13th of August was rated well by attendees.

Thanks to all our participants  - yoga teachers, teachers-to-be and enthusiasts. We hope you enjoyed the workshop and we welcome you to join us again for the next workshop scheduled for November 2017

Congratulations to our first batch of Graduates!

We wish you well in your journey ahead and may your life's work bless those around you 

A BIG THANKS to all our Teachers from India and in Singapore. 

And to our first batch of TTC Graduates,

We are proud of you!